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Name:Dee Sarrachi
Birthdate:May 13

by [info]moonfairyhime, just for me!

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I'm in ravenclaw!

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1. Name/Nickname: Dee, or Scribbler
2. Gender: female, last she checked.
3. Year and House: Currently in seventh year, most definitely in Ravenclaw
4. Pet(s): One dog, Chrissy. Also shares a house with two cats, Rags and Biscuit.
5. Wand type: Ten inches, pine, pheonix feather. Rather rigid, good for Charms.
6. Height and Weight: About five six, the rest is private.
7. Hair and Eyes: Short hair, dark brown naturally. Eyes are green-ish hazel most of the time, but can seem more blue or grey at times.
8. Nationality: Canadian, but is sure she's meant to be British.
9. Likes/Dislikes: Likes are listed below. Dislikes are ranted about in the LJ itself.
10. Appearance: Hair and eyes have already been mentioned. She's chubby, with freckles that can only been seen from about two inches from her face. She wears glasses and has peirced ears. Her normal earrings are emerald, as it is her birthstone. Always wears a watch, as well as her RAMBLiNGS necklace. She also wears a Venus talisman and a music note-shaped 'Friends' necklace. A necklace that the awesome Gwen gave her is usually looped around her wrist, and she has three of those funky rubber bracelets and an elastic, too. Dee usually smiles, revealing teeth that no longer have braces. Dislikes socks, and therefore is often barefoot or clad in sandals for about nine months a year. Has several scars on her hands/arms because her cats are psycho.
11. Personality: Usually cheery. Sometimes, she can be snappish and irritable, mostly because she hasn't been sleeping well. She jokes around a lot, usually just keeping on the right side of innappropriate. She is the proud owner of a pervy mind, and a card-carrying member of the pervy-minds club. Often, she seems dreamy, because she is busily planning out her next slash story. This also causes her to stalk/observe certain real people to insure that said slash stories are as accurate as possible.
12. Flaws: She tends to have a hair-trigger temper, but refuses to show it. She bottles up emotions all the time, which is a Bad Thing. She can often be clingy, and tends to find one or two things and become obsessed with them. She gets annoyed at silly things, and takes everything to heart. She feels that anything bad is her fault, as well. Lies almost compulsivly, but does so fairly well (which can be a flaw).
13. Personal History: Born in May, on a Friday the 13th in 1988. Her mother and father split up about ten or eleven years ago, and her mum married Bob. Later, her father married Anna. However, Dee prefers not to talk about that side of her family. She has a younger brother, with whom she is now getting along with famously. She taught herself to read at about age three, and has been a voracious reader ever since.
14. Miscellaneous Information: Dee is a slasher. She does not mind this, rather, she revels in the lovely slash. She is a LOTRPS h0r, but writes mostly Monaboyd and RPS using her classmates. She's willing to read any LOTRPS pairing, and most HP pairings, however, she draws the line at slashing LOTR characters, because they're just too damn straight. She's also recently rediscovered Gordan Korman, and...well, let's face it: she'll slash anything. She has a beaver muse named Merv that lives on her shoulder and occasionally gives her an idea. She would love to be a writer, and maybe also an actor, but most definatly a chiropractor. Musicals are pretty much her life, and that's normally what she listens to.

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